Author’s Bio

As a child, long before I could even read or write, one of my favourite weekly events was visiting the local library. There I could explore the world of my imagination, communicating with people through their words and images as clearly as if they were there with me.

Moving to Canada as a young adult necessitated a switch from German to English, and it took a few years for me to become proficient and trust my expression in that new language.

As an Occupational Therapist and later on as coach working in Personal Development, My writing has allowed me to share my experiences, insights and spiritual truths in a practical and accessible way. My other great loves, my family, nature and experimenting with life’s unfolding, work their way into my writing, too.

In 2016, I finally wrote the book. Surprisingly, it became a fiction story, not the work related tome I expected. Does this mean there will be more books to follow? Probably!

P.S. If you like to know more about me, here are some Fun Facts:

  • One of my secret pleasures is reading mystery novels.
  • I love traveling and going on adventures and am excited about all there’s yet to explore! My dream is to be able to stay for longer periods in a country and submerse myself into its culture.
  • My heart opens when I witness beauty: be it in another person (inside and out), nature, art and sometimes just the magical moments when I’m conscious of how wonderful life can be when I’m not interfering with the flow.
  • I love writing and creating art from the inside, allowing what arises in me to be expressed on paper or canvas. Sometimes it turns into a big production – going on for a long time without much to show for and I love it, nonetheless.
  • I can be quite goofy… mostly with the people close to me.